Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Raffertie - Into The Garden (free download!)

At the start of the 21st century it was often perceived that technology would become so advanced and integrated into every part of our lives that we would eventually come to live in a cold, sterile and dark future where the sound of the wind would be replaced by the hum of electronics. This image nearly became a reality until the change. The biological reclaimed the technological. Earth was renamed 'The Garden'.
All living things adapted their electronic counterparts and became symbionts on the molecular level. They became one. Evolution took a radically different path and has been accelerated exponentially to the point where now no two generation are the same.
Humans no longer exist as we know ourselves today. We see the world through new eyes and the time of the separate identities - biology / technology - man / machine - is told like a fairy tale. There is a much greater understanding between all living things but the world is by no means a peaceful place, it merely exists in a balance which has never been seen before.
There are still distinct groups of 'humans' that live separately from one another. Some choose to let their biological side define them; some choose to employ more of technological side. Some intentionally meddle with their own DNA and turn themselves into things which are indescribable.
There is one other group that no one is quite sure whether or not they still exist. They are the remnants of the time just after the change and live in shadow. Nothing more than stories about them surface from time to time. So it is said that their eyes appear out of the dark and silence falls all around. The complexity of The Garden must be seen to be believed. It is beautiful, dangerous, consuming and alive.

Illustration by: Caio Locke

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  1. love the music and the picture man thank you!

  2. this is neato! I bet he had coffee thru the night making htis

  3. Not at all what I'd usually listen to, but loved it. Thanks for opening my ears!
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  4. Agree with Inside Journalism, not what I'd usually go for but completely compelling. Thanks!

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  6. @FindingCheapHomes: Yes I did animate this, although its just in an experimental stage right now, more quality stuff will follow...

  7. That's really awesome man! I want to see more!